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Kagura-Chan's Journal

Kyo-kun My Beloved!

10/7/12 11:30 pm - Day 2-Later

I have seen some odd things today. First there's a fridge in the computer lab! and i saw some trash in the trashcan. So, i guess I'm not alone here! i will go out today and see if i can't find them. Hopefully, it will be kyou-kun! i haven't seen him in sooooo long!

9/24/12 09:17 pm - Day 2

It's my second day here, and i haven't seen anyone. I went outside the lab and discovered I'm on a deserted island!I am going to try to find a place to stay until things become clearer. I am going to go look for food as well, I'm hungry! i wish Kyou-kun was here! I love him sooooooooo much!


9/21/12 04:35 pm - Huh?

What happened? i was swallowed up by a bright light and found myself in this computer lab all of a sudden. What's going on here? Am i all alone? Maybe i should explore a bit and see if anyone else is here? Hopefully I'm not the only one here, oooo maybe Kyon and i will be trapped here all alone! oooo i would love that!

4/27/05 04:35 pm - On My Own


being by myself is very scary. every little sound scares me. *screams* wat was that? oh, its just nothing *whew*. well, on my journey to find more ppl, i found Tohru-Chan and Shigure-Sensei. But Akito-San was taken away by a big humongous bird! it was so scary i screamed! i hope that there are no more of those things in this place. *shivers at the thought* i wish Kyo-Kun were here with me! kyo! where are you??im so scared! Sayonara


4/25/05 06:48 pm - Time to go out by Myself?


i think its time for me to go looking for the others, i hope i find Kyo-kun. i am so lost without him, i don't know wat i'll do if something...better not think about the worst. maybe i will find tohru-chan and yun-chan as well. i wonder how many people landed here? and how did we get here? all i remember is a bright light...but oh well, ill just go look for the others for now, sayonara


4/22/05 11:11 pm - Mysterious Girl in the Lab

Ohiogosaimas ^_^

i just realized that there is another girl in here with Ayame-san and me. i wonder who she is? i guess the light took more than us sohmas *wonders* oh well, i think im gonna leave the lab and search for Kyon i might even to run into more people, maybe even Yun-Chan. I wonder who all is here? is tohru-chan here? *sits and thinks* well, i better for now, sayonara!


4/21/05 09:12 am - Ayame-San


it seems Ayame-san is here 2! i wonder if all us Sohma's are here? strange...anyways i just ran into Ayame-san in the computer lab. he is trying to get me and this other girl to try on his dresses. but he did say something about Kyon...maybe Kyon is here after all! i hope so! well, i think im going to try to find Kyon ^_^! *stomach grumbles* ok, maybe i should look for something to eat as well, ^_^ sayonara!


4/20/05 04:07 pm - Bright Light?

Hello! ^_^

i don't know why but it seems i am stranded in this strange place! all i can remember is this big bright light surrounding me, and then i was here! all i have found is this computer lab. i wonder if my Kyon is here? oh how i would miss him if he were not! i would be lost without him. i guess i will go explore some more, bye bye ^_^

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